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Uniquely placed in the global flower and plant sector providing bespoke freelance support in a mix of communications, project management, marketing, writing and editing. 

“Positive, engaging, knowledgeable, authentic"

“Love the session on branding" 

“Too many useful tips to itemise but so glad I came” 

Feedback from florists at a digital marketing workshop by Hannah




Hi, I’m Hannah. I started life in flowers as a Saturday girl in a florist shop. Now, having gained many years' experience from small business marketing to Europe-wide communications, project management and strategy, I provide freelance support to a range of companies at different parts of the global supply chain. My aim is to continue working for those valued, varied clients while doing more to support positive, ethical and sustainable ideas in the industry. 

As a web-editor for many years and as previous editor of trade magazine Florist Business, my research and writing experience stretches across all areas of the industry. I’m honoured to know a wide network of incredible florists, suppliers, growers, breeders and many others along the chain. 

Based in London, I’m a native English speaker, passionate about working with people across the worldwide flower sector and the meaningful impact this industry has on people in all corners of the globe. You can always find me visiting Europe's staple flower shows in the Netherlands in November and in Germany in January. See you there!

Feedback on Florist Business magazine with Hannah as Editor​


"It’s a breath of fresh air in the industry and just what we need!"

Eden Blooms

"Forward thinking, creatively written, informative reading and perfectly packaged" 

Stock Florist

"Such a brilliant magazine. So refreshing and current!" 

The Wild Fox



Freelance support tailored to suit the needs of different clients, while putting greater focus on driving positive growth and ethical practise in the flower and plant sector. Jobs can involve joining an established team, leading creative projects individually or outsourcing additional expertise through a network of contacts within the industry - valuing collaboration and communication with others.


Brand consistency, care and attention to the specific needs of each organisation are assured throughout.


Creative strategic marketing concepts

 Project management

Digital, content creation, websites, newsletters, social

Print media, magazines, promotional materials

Visual sales and marketing materials, toolkits, sales packs, adverts, etc

Industry surveys, market information

Classic PR

Experiential campaigns, events, workshops

Writing & editing (native English)

Creative editorial, research reports, industry news, sales copywriting and text editing in native English, written with an in-depth background knowledge of the flower sector. 


Managing and strengthening communication and stakeholder relations across organisations.

Clients & Experience


One-off campaigns and independent companies through to global brands.

Current clients include British floral magazines both trade and consumer facing, a global breeding company, a wholesale company and a UK trade association.

I'm also a member of the project management team for Green Marketing Europe, which runs EU campaigns for generic plant groups with cooperative stakeholders. My role involves coordination, strategy and communications for large-scale, Europe-wide campaigns promoting two of the the world’s biggest plant groups - geraniums and poinsettias.  

Sustainable Floriculture



My work is driven by a desire to contribute to ethical practise and positive growth in the flower and plant sector, both socially and environmentally. Get in touch if your organisation or business is working towards the same goals.

All ideas are welcome, whether providing support to struggling small businesses, using plants to develop community benefit projects, promoting innovative sustainable ideas, campaigning for locally grown flowers or for fair wages in global flower production areas.

“I thought I already knew a lot about sustainability, but this has been a real eye-opener.” 

“Your presentation was brilliant, thank you for giving us lots of food for thought!” 

“Your presentation was great and gave me a lot of inspiration to promote that I am making ethical steps, even if baby ones. Thank you.” 

Feedback on a presentation about sustainability at a florist business conference



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